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Taking It Easy on Your Eyes

In today’s world, the presence of digital screens throughout daily life is inevitable—whether for work or catching up on the latest movies or TV shows. At Central Texas Eye Center, we believe giving your eyes a break is always a good decision. 

Digital eye strain can be uncomfortable to deal with, and we want to help you find some well-deserved relief. 

Contact us to learn more about managing your digital eye strain and find relief today.

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, develops from spending long hours in front of your computer, phone, or other digital screens. The effects of digital eye strain can be magnified by pre-existing eye conditions such as myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Digital eye strain can occur when your eyes are forced to put forward an extra effort to maintain a clear image of your screen.

Common signs and symptoms of digital eye strain include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Prolonged usage of digital screens without breaks can affect patients with perfect vision as well. Book a comprehensive eye exam with our team and we can help you find ways to manage symptoms of digital eye strain.

Digital Eye Strain Management

During your comprehensive eye exam at Central Texas Eye Center, our team will discuss your symptoms and what a regular day of screen usage looks like for you. Based on this information, we can determine if your discomfort is a result of digital eye strain or something more severe.

To diagnose digital eye strain our team will: 

Digital eye strain symptoms can be lessened with proper screen device management. Including some of these management techniques into your daily routine can assist with the prevention of digital eye strain.

Viewing your computer screen at the correct distance and angle can help save some stress for your eyes. Your screen should be about arm’s length away from your eyes, and you should keep your screen at eye level or slightly below.

If you need to enlarge the text on your screen to avoid squinting, please do so.

Staring at your screen for long periods can dry out your eyes and lead to eye strain. We frequently forget to blink when focusing intently on something. The 20-20-20 rule allows you to give your eyes frequent breaks while working on your computer.

The 20-20-20 rule consists of:

  • Looking away from your screen every 20 minutes
  • Focusing on something 20 feet away
  • Looking at that object for at least 20 seconds

Poor air quality and a dry environment can contribute to digital eye strain. The combination of long periods without blinking and a dry environment can stress out your eyes so frequent breaks are essential.

Some things you can do to improve the environment around you include:

  • Using an air humidifier
  • Turning down the heating and cooling systems
  • Moving to a room with better conditions

Sometimes it’s as simple as giving your eyes enough hydration. The intense focus when viewing your screen can reduce the number of times you even consider blinking. Artificial tear eye drops can help relieve the dryness and irritation that digital eye strain can bring.

Get in contact with us to determine the best eye drops for you.

Relaxing Your Eyes

At Central Texas Eye Center, we value your comfort and understand that digital devices and screens are a part of your daily life. Our team will advise you on some management techniques that can help limit the effect of digital eye strain.

Contact us to book your comprehensive eye exam today and get a diagnosis for your digital eye strain. 

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