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Words From Our Patients

Thank you, Dr. Hu, for the important care you give my eyes. I appreciate your concern and interest.

Ellen W.

I love the new and improved optical in the San Marcos office. All of their employees are exceptional!

Jenna C.

Dr. Pickett and Claire are very kind and answered all of my questions. I appreciate everyone at this office!

Abby H.

Dr. Hu is the best!

Marjorie J.

Danielle did a great job on my exam. She explained everything to me. Everyone has been helpful at this office. As a new patient, I was a bit worried, but I had such a good experience.

Debbie H.

Eva was a very professional technician. I was really impressed with her!

Sherry H.

Dr. Cole and his team are fabulous! Ann is the most efficient assistant I’ve ever seen. Rachel is such a blessing!

Judith H.

Dr. Hu and team provided excellent care through my cataract surgery. I am so thrilled with the results!!

Nancy J.

Dr. Welch and staff are so professional and very helpful. Thank you!

Nancylee S.

Here is a sneak peek at the SALT Optics Fall Collection 2017.


Here is a sneak peek at the SALT Optics Fall Collection 2017.


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