Appointments Available Monday – Friday

CTEC offers EnChroma appointments at our San Marcos office. These appointments are approximately 20 minutes. It will allow you to test all three EnChroma lenses. Our associates will walk you through this process and help you decide if the products work for you. They will also assist you in making a decision about your purchase.

Our EnChroma appointments are Free of charge, we just ask that you keep the appointment you make. Anyone interested in trying these incredible glasses must have an appointment. We do not have walk-in appointments available.

CTEC has multiple styles of EnChroma glasses on hand for purchase. We also offer a wide selection of custom options.

Pricing for EnChroma glasses start at $349.

How Does EnChroma Work?


EnChroma lenses look like ordinary tinted lenses, but when a person with red-green color deficiency looks through them something amazing happens: your experience of color vision is fundamentally transformed. Colors appear more vibrant, saturated, full, and yet without compromising the accuracy or color balance of the scene. Colorful objects, such as flowers, colorful paint and fabrics, food, and traffic signs suddenly “pop” with heightened purity and intensity. Experiences like a rainbow or sunset, seen for the first time with EnChroma, are magically transformed beyond any rational description.